Back to Business 2022 – Session I. with Katie McDonald (Virtual format)

Back to Business 2022 – Session I. with Katie McDonald (Virtual format)

Our Back to Business workshops are back again in 2022. 

First session is featuring Katie McDonald, founder and owner of b.nourished. 

Her topic is: “Self-care is not selfish. It is your duty!” available via Zoom.

We know how to get things done. It is what we do. Who we are. We are the ones everyone relies on and we rarely disappoint… even if it means abandoning ourselves. Day after day we uphold promises to others in service to our businesses, families, and communities yet we often think nothing of breaking our word to ourselves. The fantasy that today will be different- we will get enough sleep, rest, good nutrition, and exercise-endures. We think we have to choose self-care or productivity and we know which one will win every time. In our culture, a to-do list is valued above a to-be list. Maybe we can’t pull it off anymore.

We are tired, depleted, resentful and ready to challenge the long-held belief that self-care is selfish. Something has to change and we are poised to leverage a resource we have yet to fully employ-intentional and unapologetic self-care.

    • expose the ways in which we bury our legitimate needs in the busyness
    • gain clarity that self-neglect is selfish and an ill-advised success strategy
    • learn once and for all that there is no “have-it-all together” club

Katie’s Bio: Katie McDonald, CEO and founder of b.nourished, had to learn the hard way. Depleted and sick from chronic overwork and the disease of busy-ness, Katie had to apply her knowledge of self-care, alternative health, and nutrition to transform her own life. As a Self-care Strategist, Katie now devotes herself to coaching others to make the thoughtful, deliberate choices it takes to become the people they want and deserve to be. An authoritative speaker and recognized thought leader, Katie offers 6-month one-on-one concierge coaching and engaging presentations to corporations and organizations. The majority of b.nourished clients initially reach out because they feel off, overwhelmed, and exhausted in the hustle and bustle of daily obligations. The resulting stress often manifests in: excess weight; digestive issues; fatigue; asthma; anxiety and depression. Mostly there is an acknowledgment that they are living beneath their potential in health and well-being. They can no longer ‘get away with’ ignoring their bodies and minds. They are taking care of business and everyone else at the expense of taking care of themselves. They are ready to make lasting change. And they do. Featured in Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Dwell, Providence Journal and more, she has presented to Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, Swarovski, CVS Health, Women President’s Organization as well as many more.

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