NAPO Houston – Chapter of the Year

Congratulations NAPO Houston!

We are thrilled that NAPO Houston has been honored with the Chapter of the Year designation!  On behalf of the 2020-2021 NAPO Houston Board of Directors, we want to express our appreciation to all our NAPO Houston members, business partners and volunteers who attended meetings, participated in activities, rallied during the pandemic, and served as devoted ambassadors for NAPO Houston. We especially want to thank the Board of Directors who went the extra mile during this past (crazy) year to provide additional virtual gatherings, create virtual content and make our chapter strong.

The Chapter of the Year Application encompasses 9 categories: Administration, Communication, Community Service, Compliance, Education, Leadership, Membership, Innovation, and Processes & Procedures. For each category, there is the opportunity to attach supporting documentation. The NAPO Houston application was a total of 30 pages with over 40 attachments. Here are a few of the highlights of our past year that were considered in the Chapter of the Year designation:

 Business Partners – NAPO Houston is honored to partner with wonderful Houston businesses.

  • Current Business Partners 14
  • New business partners 7
  • Average BP attendance at chapter meetings 3-4

 Communication – NAPO Houston utilizes several methods to communicate with their members. These methods include the following:

  • Annual Member Surveys
  • Chapter Meeting Power Point Presentations
  • Chapter Meeting Surveys
  • Facebook Member Forum
  • Facebook Page
  • Monthly Newsletter

Education – NAPO Houston values a strong and vibrant educational content. This year, NAPO Houston provided the following:

  • 83% CEU-worthy content
  • Annual Back to Business Workshop
  • Regular chapter meetings plus 10 additional virtual meetings
  • Chapter Meeting content
    • (6) Organization
    • (2) Productivity
    • (13) Mental Health / Managing Covid
    • (6) Business Building
  • Notable and accomplished speakers, including: Karen Baker, Cena Block, Michael Charest, Heather Cocozza, Victoria Cook, Ellen Delap, Sheila Delson, Jen Gaudet, Lisa Mark, Kate Martin, Lisa Montanaro, and Casey Moore

 Fiscal Responsibility – NAPO Houston strives to be fiscally responsible in their financial dealings. This is accomplished by the following:

  • Creates and adheres to Annual Budget
  • Keeps 6-month reserve
  • Employs outside bookkeeping firm to manage financial affairs

 Marketing – NAPO Houston is committed to providing valuable social media content and engagement. This is facilitated through the following means:

  • GO Month – Tips and Tricks videos from NAPO Houston members
    • Total reach 4,651
    • Total reactions (like, love, haha) 543
    • Total comments, shares, other 149
  • Social Media
    • Facebook followers 656
    • Instagram followers 554
    • Facebook Member Forum

Membership – NAPO Houston strives to maximize and enhance the member experience. Much time is invested in the following efforts both to recruit and enhance the member experience:

  •  NAPO Houston recruitment efforts
    • Coffee & Convo
    • Pre-chapter meeting Meet & Greet
    • New Member Recruitment Initiative
    • 90-Day Buddy Program
    • New Member Packet
  • Member Benefits
    • Resource List
    • “Members Only” website resources
    • Neighborhood Group Meetings
    • Past conference recordings
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Social events
    • Accountability Groups
    • Facebook Member Spotlight
  • New members 9
  • Members “in the news” 15

 Technology – NAPO Houston utilizes technology to maximize functionality and productivity. The following technologies are utilized to accomplish this objective:

  • Basecamp
  • Doodle Polls
  • Facebook
  • Google Forms
  • Instagram
  • MailChimp
  • Quickbooks
  • SmartVault
  • Website
  • Yahoo Business
  • Zoom

 Please note: Content above encompasses the period from Feb 2020 – Jan 2021.