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Howdy! My name is Stephanie King and I am thrilled that you decided to bring organization to your life. Maybe you noticed a few cluttered spaces in your home or office or you can no longer walk into your garage. It most likely started with a drawer, then a closet, then suddenly the room (or garage) was overrun and you now avoid entering into it. Keeping the door closed keeps the clutter out of sight, but it still affects your life: wasting time trying to locate an item you know you have but cannot find; not wanting guests to enter certain areas; the anxiety caused when you think about what’s behind that closed door. At Status: Organized, it’s my mission to bring organization to your space so that your home or office brings you only positive feelings. As I have the desire, skill, and time to organize, let me help you solve your organizing needs.
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As a child, I enjoyed organizing my closets by colors and use. As an adult, I’ve put my organization methods to use at my various jobs (organizing and inventorying a 3500 book library; organizing and labeling a large outdoor special event storage shed for a city’s recreation division; creating and organizing a walk-in supply closet for a summer camp). I also earned a B.S. from Texas A&M (WH08P!). In 2017, my travels led me to stay with various friends and family and somehow it worked out that many of them were in the process of moving or rearranging certain rooms. As I assisted them, I discovered that I have a knack (and enjoyment) of helping others organize their cluttered spaces. Thus began Status: Organized. Over the last few years, I've enjoyed bringing my love of organization (and skills!) to Houstonians. There's a joy to be found in taking a room from a cluttered space and transforming it into an organized area that allows you to create and be at peace.