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Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of skills are needed to be a professional organizer?

  • Responsible, reliable, and ethical
  • Able to teach and transfer basic organizing skills
  • Able to customize organizational systems to meet client needs
  • Open to different approaches for different people
  • Able to creatively solve problems
  • Able to break down large projects into manageable steps
  • Able to listen well and be attentive to emotional and non-verbal cues
How much should I charge for my services?

Fees are usually based on location, expertise, services provided, and/or target market. Some organizers charge hourly, others by the project. Do some research and determine what fees and pricing structure are most comfortable and appropriate for you and your business.

Are there classes I can take to learn how to become a professional organizer?

NAPO.net offers several classes to help improve your skills as a professional organizer. NAPO’s annual conference is a great opportunity to learn new skills and methods, as well as be exposed to new tools and products.
A benefit of joining NAPO Houston is access to our library which includes recordings from past conferences.

What are the benefits of joining NAPO Houston?

NAPO Houston membership is the best way to participate in professional development and networking opportunities within the Houston community. Some of the benefits of membership include:

Be Found By Potential Clients

NAPOHouston.com is the # 1 destination for people looking for a professional organizer in Houston. You will be listed in the NAPO Houston Member Directory and available to be found in NAPO Houston’s Find an Organizer feature.

Discounted Meetings

Education and networking are major part of NAPO Houston’s Chapter Meetings. Chapter Meetings are monthly, usually on the first Thursday of the month. NAPO Members can attend meetings at a significant discount. Meeting programs include business and organizing education, along with discussions and demonstrations of products and services in organizing and related industries.
For a complete list of NAPO Houston Membership Benefits, go to our Meeting Info page.