4 Reasons Why I Love NAPO Houston

When new organizers ask me what they should do to get their organizing career and business off the ground, my first answer is always, “Join NAPO and your local NAPO Chapter!”

Before I even had a logo or a website, I was a card-carrying member of NAPO National and my local Houston chapter. After just one meeting I knew that the people, the education, and the support I found there would be invaluable to my career.

Four years later, I still feel the same way. The connections, information, and encouragement I receive each month from my chapter help me to grow as an entrepreneur and an organizer.

What I love about NAPO Houston

Like I said, it only took one meeting and I was hooked.  I signed on the dotted line that first night and haven’t looked back.  Here are just a few things I love about NAPO Houston:

  1. Connection. When I walk into one of our monthly meetings I immediately feel a sense of connection with the people in the room.For the most part, we are like-minded people, similar in thought, behavior, and outlook.  As an introvert that’s a huge comfort!  It’s like each person in that room gets me and I get them.  Nowhere else to do I feel this type of connection so strongly.
  1. Networking. If I ‘m looking for a product, a solution or a helping hand, I know I can depend on my NAPO Houston colleagues for insights and support.When I don’t have the time or skills to help a particular client, I love knowing there are other members in my chapter who can bail me out and serve that client.  I also appreciate that other members are willing to recommend me as well.While there are many networking groups available to entrepreneurs, both online and in person, I have found that my best referral and support comes from the other 46 people in my local chapter.
  1. Education. Learning is a critical component of any association, but the education and training I get from my local Chapter are by far some of the best I’ve received in the industry.From panel discussions with experienced organizers to vendor expos highlighting local resources, the wide range of topics is always applicable and valuable to me as a business owner, organizer, and person.  There’s not a meeting that I attend where I don’t walk away with some nugget that makes a difference for my business and me.
  1. Laughter. When I am at a monthly meeting or chapter event, I love that there is always an element of laughter included. It makes the time we spend together that much more special and leaves me eagerly anticipating the next time we get to be together.These are just of a few reasons why I love NAPO Houston. I’m deeply grateful for all that I’ve gained from being a part of this wonderful chapter. I know wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

As a Professional Organizer, Liana George has worked with residential clients and small business owners to bring order to their homes and offices with customized organizing solutions.

In addition to working with clients, Liana is also a writer, teacher and speaker. From blog posts to videos, Liana longs to inspire those who are overwhelmed by chaos to transform it into an organized lifestyle.

She is married to her husband, Clint, and together they have 2 adult daughters. When Liana isn’t organizing, you can find her reading a book, watching or playing tennis, or planning her next dive adventure.


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