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Welcome to NAPO Houston

Welcome to NAPO Houston, the premier resource in Houston for organizing and productivity! Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to climb out from underneath the clutter, a business owner looking to become more productive, or you want to start a career as a Professional Organizer or Productivity Specialist, NAPO Houston is the place for you.

Our members provide home organizing services, business organizing services, or services to improve your productivity within your home or business.

Let us know how we can serve you to achieve the organizing success you’re looking for and that leaves others asking, “Who’s Your Organizer?”™

Find an Organizer or Productivity Consultant

Looking to hire a Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant? Find the NAPO Houston professional who is a right fit for your home or business by searching our database of members. You can search by name, zip code, or specialty and the different geographical locations of Houston.

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Become an Organizer or Productivity Consultant

Interested in a career as a Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant? Membership in NAPO Houston is a great way to start! Learn about member benefits and how to join our Chapter.

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Become a Business Partner

Partner with NAPO Houston to showcase your company’s products and services by becoming a Business Partner. Connect with NAPO Houston organizers and productivity specialists to network, market, and educate industry leaders about your business.


Chapter of the Year | NAPO Houston

Congratulations NAPO Houston!

We are thrilled that NAPO Houston has been honored with the prestigious Chapter of the Year designation for both years of 2013 and 2021! This remarkable achievement is a testament to your steady dedication, hard work, and exceptional contributions.

On behalf of the NAPO Houston Board of Directors, we thank all our members, business partners, and volunteers who have been the driving force behind our chapter’s success. Your active participation in meetings, wholehearted engagement in activities, invaluable support during events, and relentless commitment as ambassadors for NAPO Houston has played an integral role in this momentous accomplishment.

We cannot emphasize enough how our chapter’s strength lies in the remarkable individuals who comprise it. Our Professional Organizers and Productivity Specialists are the backbone of our organization, continually bringing awareness to our industry and driving it forward. Through your unwavering commitment, collaboration, and passion, we continue to make a lasting impact in our profession and the community we serve.

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