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NAPO Go Month 2021 | NAPO Houston

NAPO Celebrates #GOMonth2021

January is Get Organized & Be Productive (GO) Month, an annual initiative sponsored by the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO). This month-long event celebrates how NAPO members improve the lives of their clients by helping them create environments that support productivity, general health, and well-being.

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Organizing professionals and productivity consultants do so much more than help rid you of “too much stuff.” These experts understand the emotional attachment to items. Not only can they help people become more organized they offer strategies for maintaining that environment.

NAPO members have “seen it all.” Their job is to help, not judge you, you can trust them to be discrete. NAPO Professionals are experienced professionals who abide by a code of ethics.

Many NAPO members are certified, offering the public an extra level of confidence that the individuals they allow into their most private spaces can be held to a standard of excellence. Most NAPO members participate in ongoing professional education, earning certificates signifying a high level of experience in a particular function.

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Welcome to NAPO Houston

Welcome to NAPO Houston, the premier resource in Houston for organizing and productivity! Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to climb out from underneath the clutter, a business owner looking to become more productive, or you simply want to start a career as a Professional Organizer or Productivity Specialist, NAPO Houston is the place for you.

Let us know how we can serve you to achieve the organizing success you’re looking for and that leaves others asking, “Who’s Your Organizer?”™

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Interested in a career as a Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant? Membership in NAPO Houston is a great way to start! Learn about member benefits and how to join our Chapter.

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